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Captain Holland

The 12″ Line for Black Hole had a large miscalculation. Mego released the humans first! Somehow the Robots (and the Humanoid) were to come second. The human characters warmed the shelves, so guess what North America never saw? Having said…

Black Hole 3 3/4 Prototypes

This hand made prototype of Old B.O.B is another sample from the Mego model department from the collection of Tory Mucaro. Like the prototype Twiki, B.O.B is comprised of urethane resin castings pulled from RTV rubber molds and then hand painted…

Lt. Charlie Pizer

. Joseph Bottoms was second in Command, Charlie Pizer. Pics courtesy Mike T1K Farence Related Images:

Harry Booth

. Ernest Borgnine made for a perfect weasel in Harry Booth. Pics courtesy Mike T1K Farence Related Images:

Dr. Kate

  Yvette Mimieux was a Sci-Fi veteran. She had previously been in the Time Machine. Pics courtesy Mike T1K Farence Related Images:

Dr. Reinhardt

Maximillian Schell is Dr. Reinhardt, evil commander of the Cygnus. Pics courtesy Mike T1K Farence Related Images:

Dr. Alex Durant

Anthony Perkins got an action figure before MacFarlane, a great likeness for Dr. Durant. Pics courtesy Mike T1K Farence   Related Images:

Black Hole 3 3/4 Figures

The 3 3/4 ” line was extremely well made, utilising figure knowledge gleaned from Takara and Mego Micronauts. Mego made the Black Hole figures above industry standard with amazing articulation.   Dr Kate, Dr. Durant, Charlie Pizer, Dan Holland, and…

Black Hole Magnetic Figures

Above is the Magnetic Vincent that only saw release in Europe by Gig toys, it would have fit in great with the 12″ guys. These figures utlized technology from the Mego Micronauts line of toys. Magnetic Olb B.O.O never saw…

The Black Hole

After the Star Wars explosion of the late 70’s, licensing dynamo Mego wasn’t going to be bested again. They backed any sci-fi project in the works, including Star Trek, Logans Run, Buck Rogers and Disney’s the Black Hole. The film was nowhere near…

Black Hole Prototype Booth

Another piece from the collection of Tory Mucaro, who along with the photo, gives us some insight into the origin of the piece. Of all the pieces revealed this week, the only one done “in house: at Mego was this…