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Kenbrite Muhammad Ali in box

KenBrite Mego Muhammad Ali

KenBrite Mego Muhammad Ali Thanks to our friend Tony from the Analog Toys Channel, we have a shot of the very rare Mego Muhammad Ali in the Australian Kenbrite box. This is the first one we’ve seen!     #toyventures…

Falcon Gallery

Some fantastic upgrades to the Mego Museum Falcon Galleries today including foreign boxes, Mexican variants and the ultra cool card. Related Images:

Mego Pocket Heroes Red Card Gallery Updated

  The Mego Pocket Super Heroes Gallery got an upgrade this week by adding the complete line of Red Carded Pocket Super Heroes images.   You can visit the Gallery directly by clicking here.  Related Images:

Burbank Toys 12″ Superheroes Ad

Love this ad from the UK for Burbank Toys and the Mego 12″ Superheroes, just not sure why Spider-Man is the one flying but whatever….. Related Images:

UPDATE: Mego Bend N Flex Super Villains

Riddle me this! Who of the Mego Bend N Flex figures is the hardest to find on the card? Find out here. We’ve updated all the Villain Bend N Flex card images today. Bend N Flex WGSH Related Images:

Update: Mego Superman Promotional Shopping Bag from 1976

This is an original shopping bag Mego sponsored at the DC Comics Super Con in 1976. This New York event was held at the Commodore hotel in February of 1976. Mego also placed an ad in the special issue of…

Update: 1976 Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes Display Box

The Display box gallery has a new entry in the form of the 1976 World’s Greatest Superheroes Marvel Display box, like the Green arrow box this is the final box of it’s kind as Mego moved from Window boxes the…

Planet of the Apes Gallery Update: Mexican Treehouse!

New Gallery Update! Cipsa Mexican Treehouse pictures thanks to John “Toyzilla” Marshall for these snaps. Check it out here: Related Images:

U.K. Starsky MOC

Updated the Starsky & Hutch Starsky page to show this gorgeous Palitoy-Bradgate card U Related Images:

Update: WGSH Carrying Case

Mego World's Greatest Super Heroes 1974 Vinyl Carrying case. 3 color variations shown: Brown, Blue and Black, which is the most common.

Updated the WGSH Carrying Case page with a photo of the 3 color variations of the case. Black, blue and brown. Visit Gallery Page Related Images: