Combat Man

Polistil Logo Lion Rock Italian releases of the WW2 figures Lion Rock Combat Man Combat Man was the US release of the WW2 soliders, typically these didn’t bear the Mego name but the Lion Rock Manufacturing Mark. Many prior Mego products in the early eighties started to reach US shores with Lion Rock markings (among them Mad Monsters, Pocket Superhero vehicles and Micronauts) The US release was the only full set of 36, including the “2nd series” of US SeaBee, US Marauder, US Paratrooper and British Tank Commander. Not surprising that for the US release Mego would include more American forces. French, German, Italian and Australian releases only contained the basic 32.

These 1981 releases still didn’t have the Mego logo, it is well known that Mego was reluctant to release the figures in the US fearing they would be thought of as a “GI Joe Knockoff”. Back of the US Combat Man boxThese 1981 releases didn’t bear the Mego logo, this may have been another example of Lion Rock Manufacturing attempting to raise capital during the final days of Mego.

Later releases didn’t include the vacuform card for the accessories rather the figures had a plastic bag stapled to the backer card. This was often thought as the package being tampered with but it’s a legitimate variation.

Checklist for Mego Combat Man US Forces: Artic Infantryman, Fighter Pilot, Airforce Tailgunner, Marine, Seabea, Paratrooper, Marauder, Combat Officer, Infantry man, Frogman. Allied Forces : British Tank Commander, Scottish Guard, Anzac Bush Fighter, British Torpedo Captain, British Commando, British Paratrooper, British Desert Rat, French Infantry Man, French Resistance Fighter, French Legionnaire, French Tank Commander, Chinese Infantryman, Chinese Guerrilla. Axis Forces German Infantry man, Luftwaffe Pilot, Japanese Sharpshooter, Japanese Infantryman, Japanese Fighter Pilot, German Afrika Korps, German Paratrooper, German Mountain Trooper, German U Boat Commander, Russion Infantry, Russian Officer, Japanese Officer, Italian Partesian.
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