The Waltons



A testament to the licensing giant that Mego was, the Waltons was a bit of a departure for the action figure giant.

However it was not a gamble, as Neal Kublan explained when interviewed, the license came cheap (Mego was often brought licenses as they had such a great track record), the tooling for the 8″ figures already existed so the Waltons offered Mego a low risk attempt at the girl’s market.

Waltons figures came boxed in two packs and in single packs.

As a TV series the Waltons was a ratings smash, it spawned many imitators and created a pop culture catch-phrase with “Good Night John Boy!”. With this kind of heavy exposure, no doubt the Waltons paid off for Mego, maybe not something on the scale of “Planet of the Apes” but nonetheless….

The unproduced Waltons Barn

This 1976 catalog page shows the un-produced Waltons Barn with horse, wagon, and cardboard hay.



Also proposed (but never produced) were these “Luv ‘n Stuff” plush versions of John Boy and Mary Ellen. Normally we at the MegoMuseum tend to lament the toys never made, here, we’re kind of OK about it.

Mego John Boy and Mary Ellen plush dolls were not produced.

Mego Proposed Plush dolls of John boy and Mary Ellen Walton

John Boy


Waltons John Boy Mego


Pa Walton


Waltons 1975 Pop Mego

Ma Walton


Mom Walton by Mego


Grandma Walton


1975 Waltons Grandma doll

Grandpa Walton


1975 Waltons Grandpa Mego doll

Walton’s Farmhouse


1975 Waltons Farmhouse by Mego

1975 Mego Waltons catalog

Walton’s Truck


1975 Waltons Truck Box

Waltons Truck Box Side

Waltons Truck Box Front

Waltons Truck Side

Waltons Truck Front

Waltons Truck Front

Waltons Truck Back

Waltons Truck Inside

General Store

1975 Waltons General Store by Mego

Waltons store detail

Waltons store parts

Some of the accessories included an old fashioned stove and a pool set.


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