Mego Catalog Library: 1977


In 1977, Mego had nothing but success, they were the leaders in boys action figures and Cher was a true winner in the coveted girls fashion doll aisle.

Mego made two bold moves this year, one they decided to continue to buy their way in the girl's aisle further with celebrity licensing.

Secondly, 1977 was the year they launched the Micronauts, a strange line from Japan whose play value and creativity made them a grand slam home run for Mego.

Fans of the 8" line will be disapointed, while some extensions were made to both Star Trek and the WGSH (sadly, they were the last) Only one 8" line was created this year.

While truly a winning year, the toy industry, especially the boys toys market would be rocked forever in the coming 12 months. Star Wars was coming and it would cause quite a stir in the industry.