Mego Catalog Library: 1977 Micronauts

The most impostant launch of the year for Mego had to be the innovative line, the Micronauts.

In Japan, the Mirconauts were known for years Microman, a spin off from Takara's toy line "Henshin Cyborg".

Mego President Martin Abrams viewed the line in California and immediatly called Neal Kublan "he said “I want you to fly out first thing, what time can you be here? I want to show you something, tell me what you think."

Kublan describes his first visit to the world of the Micronauts I walked in there and there was a table with all the Micronauts laid out and I said “I think it’s phenomenal, the biggest problem we’re gonna have is convincing the trade that we’re doing all of this and the second problem is we’re going to have to do at least three of four commercials to cover the line”

The line was an instant sales smash "The number that keeps sticking in my mind I think was that 32 million dollars was the peak, that was an awful lot when the company is doing $ 110 (million), It accounted for a third of our volume."