Mego Library: The Real Mego Museums

It's rare when collectors step up to the plate and try and promote their hobby. Many choose to keep it to themselves or they use it as a spotlight to further their own gain. This gallery contains some of the most selfless acts of "Hobby Promotion" Mego collectors have ever seen. It is unknown how many new collections were sparked upon viewing these but one thing is for certain, these contributions have had made more progress towards moving the Mego collecting hobby mainstream than anything else.

The Kruger St Toy and Train Museum Exhibit

Until January 2nd 2005, the Kruger St Toy and Train Museum featured an elaborate Mego display (click on the news article thumbanils for more)

The collection is from Mego Museum Member Len Starr (Hobub) and features a diverse selection of Mego and Mego Esque figures. The Kruger St Toy Museum is also the site of the next Mego Convention (Entitled "Mego Meet 2005") this June, for more information please visit the Kruger St Toy Museum or directly to The Official Mego Meet Website

the Mego collection of Len Starr

This generous display of Len Starr's Mego collection generated a great deal of media attention and caused a Mego Convention!

Fullerton Museum in California

In the Summer of 2004, the Museum in Fullerton, California officially became the "Mego Museum". .

Super collector (and longtime Museum contributor) Rob Chatlin graciously donoted his collection for the "Gotta Have it! Collecting in the Internet Age" exhibition which runs until August 8, 2004.

Packaged Mego's were provided by Imp (Note their "minty-ness")

There is no telling how many memories will be unlocked or new collections sparked by this selfless act of sharing, big applause for the guys!

For more information please visit Fullerton Museum