Ace Frehley

Probably the best looking of all the KISS figures. The costume nicely replicates Ace’s double-breasted space suit. The head is molded with an upward tilt and slightly open mouth capturing Ace’s likable space cadet persona. The eyes even have the blue eyeshadow over the lids just like the real Ace. Overall, a bang up job in capturing the look and personality of Space Ace. To be complete Ace has to have: The bodysuit, which is made of a black material woven with silver thread for a glitter effect. The silver mesh lopals are attached to the bodysuit. The arm cuffs, which are made just like Gene’s with foil covered vinyl. Again, the only difference is that Gene’s cuffs have points at the ends and Ace’s are straight cut. The cuffs shown here are repros made directly from the originals still in my possession. The leg cuffs, also straight cut, also foil covered vinyl. And (drum roll!)the leg cuffs Ace wears here are indeed the original ones he was born with. The boots, molded in silver gray.

Stencil painted with the ribbed effect that Ace’s real boots have. Again, some do not have the stencil work.