KISS Prototype Toys

While Mego did very well with the KISS line of dolls (even their commercials called them dolls) Mego tried to market KISS in other avenues, often strange.

The KISS Kamping set? doesn’t really make alot of sense does it? The boys don’t seem to be the “outdoorsy” types. Peter and Ace probably would have crashed the “KISS Kamper” into the ranger station and Gene simmons wouldn’t have slept in his own tent…..

KISS Kommunicators Pretend your KISS ummm….talking to one another. “Come in Starchild over” “This is Starchild, whats your copy?” Hours of fun!!!!.

KISS Bend and Flex Low cost KISS figures? I can’t understand why these weren’t embraced by buyers, seemed logical. Many thanks to John Bonavita for these kool additions.



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