Gene Simmons

Boy, you got to love that Gene! Undoubtedly, the driving force behind KISS. Also, it seems, the driving force behind making these figures more than generic makeup painted heads. This is definitely the only Mego figure to have a tongue sticking out and up until the release of the new KISS figures last year probably the only doll or figure ANYWHERE to have the tongue sticking out. Talk about setting yourself apart! Gene’s dragonhead boots are represented by a stenciled dragon face on a grayish silver KISS boot. Sort of ends up being a little cutesy compared to the real thing. To be complete Gene has to have: His bodysuit, which has two chains on his chest in a criss cross, or an X. The batwings are attached to the bodysuit and made of the same unhemmed nylon material used for the World’s Greatest Superhero capes. Arm cuffs that are foil covered vinyl. The ends of Gene’s armcuffs come to a point on top. This is something to watch out for since Ace’s armcuffs are very similar to Gene’s but are cut straight at the ends. By the way, the armcuffs shown on my Gene are homemade repros. I still have the originals (peeling foil and all) and used them for the pattern for these repros. Leg cuffs, from the same material as the arm cuffs. Again, the leg cuffs on Gene are repros made from the originals I still possess.

Great silver platform boots with the black stencil painted dragon face. Some boots will not have the stencil paint.