Peter Chriss

Peter probably provided the most complicated paint job for Mego. His makeup had the white face, black whiskers, silver nose, red lips and eyes with green and black. All the colors are preserved in the Peter Criss figure. The face captures the Peter’s rounds puffy face and smile. The only thing missing is Peter’s salt and pepper hair. Peter was well known for having streaks of gray in his hair. It’s only a minor point though. To be complete Peter must have: The bodysuit all black with stripes of silver foil covered vinyl. Two on the thigh of each leg and two criss crossing on the abdomen, all sewn on to the suit. The bodysuit also has a criss cross silver accent sewn in from the crotch to the bottom of the open chest. Two silver strips also criss cross on the chest. Arm cuffs of black fabric, no other decoration. Boot cuffs of black vinyl. On the front is the same criss cross silver accent that was sewn onto the suit. Boots that are molded black. The stencil design on these has a silver cross on front and a “U” shaped pattern of dots on the front. Some are missing the stenciling.