AJ Ski Patrol

Mego Action Jackson Ski Patrol Suit
White hooded nylon jumpsuit, white pouch belt with canteen, skis.
poles. white AJ army boots, M-16 (variation is white), backpack with
radio headset.

Ski Patrol suit for action jackson

Action Jackson was known as “Luc L’Adventure” in France, above is a boxed Ski Patrol outfit for Luc. No boxed Luc action figures have been unearthed as of yet but they must be out there.

 Secret Agent suit for action jackson



Snow Patrol AJ sports white combat boots. Besides the color, these are the same combat boots found with the POTA Soldier Ape and other AJ Military sets. The original white boots are pictured here, although the comparision picture is the black version of the boots. All attributes are the same. The white boots have been reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The original is made of a firm plastic, while the CTVT reproduction is a very soft rubbery material. The CTVT repro is unmarked.





Several AJ sets come with canteen’s. This one is white. The canteen is actually two pieces, the actual canteen slides out of a rubber holder. The holder has a slot that allows AJ to carry the canteen on his belt. This has not been factory reproduced.




A place for his stuff. Many sets come with packs that slide onto the belt. This one is white. This item has not been factory reproduced.




This item has not been factory reproduced.




Many AJ sets come with the same M16. This can also be found with several figures in the POTA line. The rifle has been factory reproduced by CTVT and by EMCE Toys. The original says Mego on the stock, while the CTVT reproduction is unmarked. The EMCE version is stamped EMCE in place of the Mego stamp on the stock, so it’s easy to ID. Good thing too, since it’s pretty hard to spot otherwise. It’s a very accurate reproduction in material and color. The tell here is the grip near the trigger. The pattern on the original is much smaller than the pattern on the EMCE version. EMCE also used black string instead of brown for the strap.




AJ’s skis have not been factory reproduced.


Ski Poles


ski poles

This item has not been factory reproduced.





This set comes with a plastic white backpack that contains AJ’s emergency radio and headset. We’re grouping them together here, but they really are two separate items. Neither has been factory reproduced.





This item has not been factory reproduced.

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