Black Knight

Mego Black Knight Figure


This is about as close to the Monty Python version of the Black Knight as it gets, which only enhances his status as one of the coolest Megos.

He comes with black scabbard belt, helmet with white bat-wings,shield with bat symbol, shoulder plates, and a sword with very thin hand-guard.

Again, Mego Robin-style booties for shoes, black this time. He has same head as Mego Wild Bill Hickock , which is a big drawback. In comparison to the heads that were crafted for the other three knights, he’s just…well. He’s a tiny-headed redneck with a big mustache. Good thing his helmet totally kicks ass.


Window Box

The Super Knights were only released in these deluxe window boxes.Each had the same painted cardboard insert and the figures were secured to the insert with white twist ties.

Mego Launcelot Window Box

The box backs feature photographs of early production samples of the figures with shiny metallic finish on the armor. Note the distinctly different bat insignia on the tunic.

Mego Launcelot Box back

German Two Pack


Mego Black Knight

In Germany, four of the Super Knights were offered in two-packs, Launcelot was packed with the Black Knight. Scan courtesy of Gerhard.

Black Knight: Original Accessories and Known Repros



The main portion of Black Knights suit is black with silver chainmail type material for sleeves. It has been reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The reproduction is fairly accurate, although it is sewn a little wider throughout the body and is overall longer. The repro is unmarked.





Black Knight is one of the few figures outside of the WGSH line to sport a sticker emblem. The sticker has been reproduced by CTVT. The repro isn’t as detailed. The image is smaller, the white lines are not as defined, and there are no facial features on the repro. It is unmarked.




Black Knight is the only figure in the knights line to have pants. The pants are made of the same silver chainmail type material as the jumpers most of the other knights wear. The pants have been repro’d by CTVT. The material is a touch thicker and fits a little more snug. They are sewn a little lower in the crotch and are unmarked.


Shoulder Armor


shoulder armor

Since BK has no chest armor, he is the only knight with shoulder armor that doesn’t attach to anything. His slides up the arms and sits there. This shoulder armor has been reproduced by CTV. The repro is similar in color, yet duller in detail. There is some rough flashing spots on the repro as well, and it’s marked CTV on the side.


Neck Armor


neck armor

Black Knights neck is protected by armor that is also reproduced by CTV. Like the shoulder armor, it’s similar in color, yet rougher around the edges. It’s marked CTV on one shoulder.




BK carries a shield that sports his crest. It has been reproduced by CTV. The reproduction has some flashing evident and the painted emblem has black lines throughout the wings that the original does not have. Also some black details on the face which the original does not have. The repro is stamped CTV in the middle of the belly of the beast.





Black Knights helmet has two white wings that can be separated from the helmet. This helmet has been reproduced by CTV. The helmet and wings of the repro have flashing evident that the original does not have, especially around the eye slit. The wings are a little bigger as well. The repro helmet itself is unmarked, but the detachable wings are stamped CTV.




Black Knight wears a black version of the Robin shoe. This color is unique to BK. The shoes have been reproduced by both Doctor Mego and CTVT. The CTVT repro’s are made of a stiffer material, are just a touch longer and are not as smooth in texture as the originals. They are marked CTV on the inside. The DM shoes are very smooth and glossy. They are even cleaner looking than originals and made of a softer, more flexible material. They are stamped DM on the inside.




BK’s belt is shared by Wil Scarlett in the Robin Hood line as well as Long John Silver in the pirate line. This belt has been reproduced by CTVT and Doctor Mego. Both reproductions are very accurate and very tough to spot, especially since neither is marked as a repro. There are two giveaways to the CTVT repro. The tip of the belt that slides through the buckle is rounded instead of pointed like the original and inside looking at the scabbard part you will notice some flashing not on the original. The Doc Mego reproduction is near impossible to spot. The DM repro will look new and glossy, more so than an original on a 30 year old loose figure. Otherwise, it’s near impossible to tell.



Black Knights sword is unique to the character and has not been factory reproduced. The CTVT reproduction Black Knight comes with the same sword as the other knights, which is not the sword the original Mego BK carries.




Black Knight shares a head sculpt and paint job with Wild Bill from the western line. The head has been reproduced by CTVT. The repro is a softer material, a little duller in features, and the paint job varies, especially in the eyes which are painted larger. The head was also reproduced during the Mego era by Tim Mee Toys for the western line. The Tim Mee head is a vintage reproduction and the biggest difference is material. It’s a little softer. A big visual giveaway is the white dots in the eyes. All repro heads are unmarked.

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