Comic Action Spider-Car

One of the tougher Mego Comic Action Heroes pieces to find
are the Mego Comic Action Spidercar sets, which included
a whopping three Comic Action Heroes.

The three Comic Action figures included here are Cap, Hulk and
Spidey. There area also variants that included Green Goblin instead
of Captain America.

The back of the box is fairly a simple affair and was later recycled
for Pocket Heroes sets.

The “Comic Action” cloud is reused to describe the car’s features.

The Spider car (along with the Batmobile) was the last Comic Action
item offered in 1978. In 1979, it was repackaged and sold as a “Pocket
Heroes’ item and the early versions of the car still includes two
Comic Action Heroes (most often Spidey and Green Goblin) for more
information on that check out our Pocket Heroes vehilce gallery.

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