Flash Gordon Introduction

The Mego Flash Gordon line was supposed to be the beginning of the era of 10″ figures. Sadly the other planned release in this format (Logans Run) were cancelled and Flash Gordon became the sole 10″ releases in North America. Mego Doctor Who utilized the 10″ format but only in Europe and Australia. But make no mistake, Flash Gordon is one of the finest sets of figures in Mego history.

This shot from the Wiggin Teape Catalog shows wonderful prototype card art that differs greatly from the final.

Until recently, this packaging was not thought to exist!

The figures come with a great deal of extras and are hard to find loose & complete. Luckily carded figures are still reasonably priced when found.

The Flash Gordon line is one of the more detailed lines Mego produced. They have just tons of unique accessories and in a very unique scale for Mego. These were the first in an attempt to start a 10″ line of action figures. That line never really took off. The only other figures to share this scale and these bodies with the Flash line is the Dr. Who figures. Looking at the scale and the detail given to the figures and their accessories, one can only wonder what could have been.

None of the figures in the Flash line have had accessories factory reproduced, so this section is more a guide to what accessories complete a figure, and what those accessories look like. Special thanks to Rob Chatlin for providing some of the pictures used in this section.

10″ Male Body



The Mego 10″ male body is very similar to the 8″ type 2, with a different joint for the shoulders, more similar to the 12″ body and the Lion Rock WW2/Titan male body. This body is used for all three males in the Flash Gordon line, as well as for Dr. Who. The 10″ body has not been factory reproduced.


10″ Female Body



The Mego 10″ female body is pretty unique. It’s less articulated in the legs than the common 8″ female body, yet more articulated in the arms than the strait armed 8″ body or the 12″ female body. It’s like they took elements from both sizes to create this mid sized body. The female 10″ body has molded on black boots. There are only two characters to use this body, Dale from the Flash line, and Leela from the Dr. Who line. It has not been factory reproduced.




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