Mego Lancelot Figure

Mego King Arthur Note that Launcelot wears a different style boot that Galahad
and Ivan. Rounded knees and different embossed pattern.

Mego used the less common spelling “Launcelot” as oppossed
to “Lancelot”. Either is correct, Launcelot was the
name used in Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur written
in the 1400s.

Speculation is that Mego may have based the head sculpt for
the figure on Richard Burton’s look as Arthur in the Broadway Musical


Window Box

The Super Knights were only released in these deluxe window boxes.
Each had the same painted cardboard insert and the figures were
secured to the insert with white twist ties.

Mego Launcelot Window Box

The box backs feature photographs of early production samples
of the figures with shiny metallic finish on the armor. Lance’s
sword in this shot is blue, probably a test sample.
Mego Launcelot Box back

German Two Pack


Davey Crockett

In Germany, four of the Super Knights were offered in two packs, Launcelot was packed with the Black Knight. Scan courtesy of Gerhard.

Lancelot: Original Accessories and Known Repros




Lancelot wears a full body jumpsuit made of a silver chainmail looking material. The jumper has been repro’d by Classic TV Toys. The material on the repro is a touch thicker and is sewn a little lower in the crotch. The sleeves are hemmed a little higher the suit is unmarked.


Body Armor


body armor

Lancelot wears body armor with his blue crest on the front. The body armor isn’t removable without breaking the glued seal on the joints. The shoulder armor is removable though. The armor has been factory reproduced by CTVT. The repro doesn’t have as smooth a finish, and the details are a little more pronounced. The repro is unmarked.


Shoulder Armor


shoulder armor

Lancelot’s removable shoulder armor is a matched set, both the left and right are identical. The shoulder armor snaps onto the body armor. The shoulder armor has been reproduced by CTVT. The reproductions are a little wider, not quite as long and are not as smooth around the edges. They are each stamped CTV.





Lancelot carries a white shield with his blue crest on the front. This shield has been reproduced by CTVT. The reproduction is a slightly smaller, and the blue emblem is a lighter shade of blue. The handle on the back of the repro shields are prone to falling off much easier than an original. The shield is stamped CTV on the blue crest.





Lancelot wears a helmet with a removable visor/face guard and a light blue feather. This helmet has been reproduced by CTVT. The reproduction is has more flashing evident and is overall rougher looking around the edges. The side of the white helmet is stamped CTV, and the removable visor is unmarked.




Lancelot wears pointed toe boots that are unique to the character. The boots have been reproduced by both Doctor Mego and CTVT. Doc’s boots are a little bigger in size and thicker in material. They are also a little more gray than silver compared to the originals and are marked DM on the bottom. The CTVT boots have a speckled look to them and are shaped differently around the knee area, not as rounded. The details are more dull, and they are marked CTV on the side of the knee area.




Galahad and Lancelot wear the same belt that holds their sword. This belt has been reproduced by CTVT. The reproduction is accurate, but is made of a more stiff material, making it feel almost brittle. The repro belt is unmarked.




King Arthur, Galahad and Lancelot all carry the same sword, which is unique to the Knights line. The sword has be reproduced by CTVT and very accurately. The only real difference is a slight texture on the repro in the chrome on the blade. That, and the repro has a little more flashing. The repro is marked CTV on the blade near the hilt.




Lancelot’s head has been reproduced by CTVT and pretty accurately. The biggest difference is the paint color. The hair and eyebrows are darker brown on the repro and the lips on the repro are unpainted, while the original has pinkish lips. The repro is a softer, more squishy material and it is unmarked.

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