Pocket Heroes Un-produced Playsets

Mego Spider-Man Alley Play set

Unproduced Mego Spider-Man Alley from a Mego Toy Fair promotional piece

The  Mego Spider-man’s Alley Playset has rarely been seen save for the Toyfair sales film (featured below) but we’ve found a rare glimpse of it in an earlier version of the 1980 Mego Toyfair package.


The concept is a bit odd, essentially one side is Spider-Man’s apartment complete with gym while the Green Goblin lives across the street in a trashed room complete with Spider-Man dartboard. Oh the hi-jinx these neighbours would have! Not sure why the Hulk is there at all really, he looks confused.

This is the original Toy Fair Sales Reel for the Mego Pocket Heroes Bat Cave (which made it into production) and the Spider-Man Alley (which didn’t see the light of day).


The Movie Fortress of Solitude, this made sense, this should have been sold.

A closeup of the Set, check out the movie references.

This Mego Superman playset also made sense (but what a rehash!).


This concept drawing for the Mego Bat Beam seemed to integrate flash light with action figure. Photo courtesy of the John Bonavita Mego Archive.


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