Wyatt Earp

Mego Wyatt Earp Figure

Loose Wyatt Earp

The Tombstone Lawman is wearing one of the more colourful outfits in the line. He comes with a set of six shooters (of course) and his pants have a simulated leather feel to them.

Mego never reused Wyatt’s headsculpt so it is completely unique to this figure alone.


Solid Box

Another breathtaking box for this line, arguably some of the best
packaging Mego ever produced.

Kresge Card

Like his AW compadres, Wyatt also came on a Kresge card and later
a Lionrock card.

Timee Toys

In the early 80s, Tim Mee toys reissued the Mego American West using different packaging. The Tim Mee reissues are easy to spot, the paint jobs are sloppier and the materials used slightly different. 


New to the Museum are shots of the recently unearthed original
artwork for Wyatt Earp. All pics are Courtesy of Vincent Cerbone.

print appears to be about 3X larger than the box itself, not uncommon

it looks like Morrow’s signature was carefully removed for the packaging.

only a fantastic piece of toy history but a work of art that would
look awesome in any home.


Wyatt Earp: Original Accessories and Known Repros




Wyatt Earp wears a purple shirt that can look more blue in some light. The shirt has been reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The reproduction is more a pure purple without the blue hints the original has. The thread on the front of the shirt on the repro is much lighter than on the original. The original has a ribbed texture while the repro has more of a scaled texture and is more shiny. The CTVT is unmarked. The western line was also reproduced during the Mego era by Tim Mee Toys. These are vintage reproductions of the Mego Western figures. In the case of the Tim Mee Earp shirt, it is actually blue, without the purple tones. It has the same ribbed texture, but is very shiny in comparision to an original. It also has a much lighter thread color on the trim than the original.




Earp wears pants that have a leather look to the front and a soft material look in the back. These pants have be reproduced by CTVT. The repro’s are a lighter weight material and feel more like a garbage bag than the pleather material Mego used. The fringe on the originals are cut rounded around the edges while the CTVT’s are very jagged and pointed. The back of the reproductions has the same scaled looking material as the reproduction shirt and has a shine to it. The Vintage Tim Mee reproductin of this figure has pants similar to the original material. They are a little more shiney and the fringe is a little longer. The big giveaway to a pair of Tim Mee pants is the velcro used to secure the pants. Mego used a snap.




Wyatt has a sticker star for a badge. It’s pretty much the same type of star sticker grade school kids get on homework papers. The star is a simple gold and it would be very easy to find a modern replacement to match it perfectly. The star has been reproduced by CTVT. The CTVT star is different though, it has an edge around it, and instead of having a solid mirror like finish, it has a prism texture to it. The vintage Tim Mee version of this star is dead on exactly the same as the original Mego, and since it’s of the same era, even carbon dating wont help identify it.




Wyatt Earp wears a red scarf/tie around his neck. This piece has been reproduced by CTVT. The repro is a darker red than the original and a little longer. The thread on the sewn side has smaller stitches than the original. It is unmarked. The vintage Tim Mee version of this tie is made of a nylon material instead of a soft sewable material. There is new hems or sewing done on the Tim Mee version.




Wyatt wears a hat very similar to the Zorro hat, only in tan and made of a hard plastic instead of the soft rubbery material Zorro’s hat was made out of. This hat has been reproduced by CTVT. The repro hat has a shorter crown and a more narrow headband. The CTVT hat is unmarked. The vintage Tim Mee Earp hat is easy to spot. The exact same hat as the original mego, only in dark brown.





Wyatt wears the same double gun holster belt as Willer boys in the Tex Willer line. The repro holster is darker in color where the original is a little reddish in color. The holster belt features leg straps which break easily on the original. The original straps are very round compared to the reproductions, which are fairly flat in shape. You’ll find some flashing on the repro belt and it is marked CTV on the back. Tim Mee reproduced the belt for it’s western line during the Mego era. It is a vintage reproduction made with the same mold and materials. It is almost identical in every way to an original holster with maybe a slight color difference. Just a touch more on the red side than an original.





Wyatt carries two pistols of the same style as the many of the Willer gang and many of the Western characters. The pistol has been reproduced by CTVT. The detail on the reproduction isn’t quite as sharp as on the original and flashing is evident. Some are marked CTV on the gun grip and some are unmarked. Tim Mee reproduced the pistol. This is a vintage piece, reproduced during the Mego era. Same mold, just in gray instead of chrome. Otherwise it’s identical.




The western boot worn by Wyatt is made from the same mold as the one found in the AJ Western set and and on other western and Willer figures, only in black. The black boot can also be found on Wild Bill. It has been reproduced by CTVT. The reproductions are a little more narrow and a little taller with a smaller heal. There is flashing evident on the reproductions and they are unmarked. Tim Mee’s vintage reproduction of this boot is pretty accurate. It has a little more gloss to it, is a little more rounded at the top and has a little more flashing evident. One, and only one of the Tim Mee boots say “made in Hong Kong” on the side.




Wyatt’s head has been reproduced by CTVT. The reproduction head is pretty accurate, although made of a softer material. The paint job on the repro is different. Thinner eyebrows, a slightly darker paint on the hair, and larger whites around the eyes. The Tim Mee head is a vintage reproduction and the biggest difference is material. It’s a little softer. A big visual giveaway is the white dots in the eyes. All repro heads are unmarked.

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