Eagle Force Series One

Captain Eagle: Leader of Eagle ForceGoldie Hawk: The Blond Bombardier Turk: The Strongman

(from L to R) Captain Eagle, Goldie Hawk and Turk

Stryker: The SharpshooterSgt. Brown : Demolitions ExpertKayo The Judo Expert

(from L to R) Stryker, Sgt. Brown and Kayo

Harley: Ace MechanicBig Bro :Combat Medic

(from L to R) Harley, Big Bro

General Mamba: The R.I.O.T LeaderR.I.O.T Shock TrooperBaron Von Chill: Medievil Weapons Expert

(from L to R) R.I.O.T guys: General Mamba, Shock Trooper, Baron Von Chil

lSavitar the NinjaNemesis: The Sabatouer

(from L to R) Savitar and Nemesis