Eagle Force Series 2

1983 would have seen a second wave of Eagle Force Heroes and Villains arise. The second wave was again using the characters race as a strong identifying feature (this has been done for many years in military comics such as Blackhawk and Sgt. Fury) The multiple names were done in case another toy company had secured the rights.Sadly, Mego shut it’s doors for good before the line could ever reach retail. Now for the first time ever, the Megomuseum gets to proudly publish the “lost wave” of Eagle Force with character description notes by Mr Paul Kirchner.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Chicago

“Chicago” “Big Al”

A nostalgic type who wears a thirties fedora and the obligitory balck shirt and white tie under his E.F blouse. He favours the Thompson M1928Al with the 50-rd drum. Talks about his “family” alot.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Pancho


Mexican, wears sombrero, bell bottoms, bandoliers. Carries the M-14 with the E-2 (pistol Grip) stock. Counter Insurgency expert.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Hurricane


Black Heavyweight Boxer, Joe fraser type. Carries the Stoner 63 5.56 mm machine-gun with 100 rd box magazine.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Rebel

“Rebel” “Reb” “Stonewall” “Dixie”

Large southern redneck hillbilly. Wears confederate hat, confederate holster (reveresed), and Civil war cavalry boots. Carries M2 .50 cal. machine gun.


Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Brooke Lynn

“Mimi” “Brooke Lynne” “Bubbles”

Eagle Force’s underwater operative. Wears a gold wetsuit, flippers, tanks. Carries a spear gun.



Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Santini


Italian, from a circus family. Can walk a tightrope, do trapeze work, and tumbling. wears a tight gold top. Carries and M-16 with scope.



Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Kelly and King

“Kelly” And “King”

Kelly is an Irish Ex-Cop. His expertise is in the area of detective work. His equipment is cop style, with a .38 revolver, cuff case and a badge. He is the Eagle Force Dog Trainer. King is the Eagle Force’s k-9 Korps…he sniffs out explosives, drugs and does anything Rin Tin Tin can do.

One of the more interesting reasons for the Eagle Force characters being stereotypes was the fact that the toy had to make a quick impact on the child, the figure was too small to show a great deal of detail so it had to be the card art that sold the child on the character.Wave 2 seriosuly captilized on this with a colourful batch of heroes and villains.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Magnum

“Magnum D.I. ” “Top-Kick”

The Eagle Force Drill Instructor, real hard core… like Lee Marvin in the Dirty Dozen. Wears Campaign hat, puttees, Carries M-16 with M-203 grenade launcher, wears a bandolier of magazines, a bandolier of grenade rounds.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Malibu

“Malibu” “Lance”

Cool, California beach-boy type. Hot-Rodder, surfer. Wears T Shirt, flip-flops. Carries Stinger surface to air missile launcher


Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Tygre


Expert Knife Fighter, like most Gurkhas. Carries Khurki fighting knife, and an M-16 with fixed bayonet. His gold fatigues have a black tiger-stripe pattern superimposed on them.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Gizmo


Eagle Force waeapons inventor and master of U.K.D’s (Unconventional Killing Devices). He’s a Madman in the “John Belushi” mold. He wears night vision goggles that pivot over his face like Fireballs visor. He carries the American 180 .22 caliber machine gun with 188-rd. drum and laser-lok sight under the barrel. He also carries the Taser non-lethal electric pistol.


Early production sketch of Mego Eagle Force Chute

“Chute” “Airhborne” “Wings “Angel”

Eagle Force’s premier skydiver and H.A.L.O (High Altitude Low Opening) parachutist. He’s a cocky, try-anything, James Coburn type. He wears a tight, pressurized pilot suit, with the Air Force survival vest. He carries the IMP (Individual Multi-Purpose Weapon) a sort of bull-pup style M-16, designed for survival situations




The New Eagle Force Recruits would have had their hands full with the R.I.O.T’s latest offering.R.I.OT would have proved in 1983 that they could be just as much an equal opportunity employer as Eagle Force, adding Russians, Mongols, Biker Chicks and even an honest to goodness Pirate to the ranks. Why couldn’t Mego have folded in 1984?


Early production sketch of RIOT agent Iavn


Russian Cossack Giant, likes to wrestle. Carries Soviet RPD light maching gun.


Early production sketch of RIOT Agent Ruby


Butch Biker. wears boots, gloves, levis, t-shirt, and a leather vest with loops for shotgun ammo. Marlon Brando hat. Everything has studs. Chain over her shoulder. Carries the high standard M-10b shotgun.


Early production sketch of Eagle Force Rebel

“Vulture” “Vulcher”

Teutonic Type, R.I.O.T’s pilot, Wears old style pilot headgear, scarf, leather jacket, boots, pants with a stripe. Carries the schmeisser MP-40 SMG. Maybe a pet Vulture?


Early production sketch of RIOT Agent Kaptain Klaw

“Kaptain Klaw” “Barracuda” “The Shark”

Modern day Pirate with bionic peg leg and hook, both of which house weapons. Dresses in the classic style but carries a German Heckler & Kooh G-3 assault rifle with rifle grenade.



Early production sketch of RIOT AGENT KHAN


Warlord of the golden triangle. Maintains his own private army of R.I.O.T troops in S.E. Asia. Carries a Japanese WW2 type 99 Machine Gun.




“Nitro”(Mentioned in notes but not shown)

The Mad Bomber. Is swathed in sticks of dynamite, you don’t want to be near this guy.

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