The Thing

1976 Introduction

Fantastci Four Mego Heroes World AdThe Thing, along with his Fantastic Four counterparts were released in the final wave of new 8″ WGSH characters in 1976.

Mego Thing Ben Grimm
The Figure has a head sculpt that seems to suggest the character is yelling or cracking wise, which shows real attention to detail.

The Thing shares the same squat muscle body as The Hulk but his forearms are unique to give the impression of his tough hide

There are some reported minor variations in the Things bodysuit but they do not warrant a great deal of collector attention. The Thing came with no accessories.

Window Boxes

1975/78 US card and 1979 French
PinPin Card

Mego Thing on his 1975 US card, 1979 US and finally a 1979 Pin Pin card where he is “La Chose”. Pics courtesy of Dan (Dumbldor)

Harbert Italy Card

In Italy, Harbert just placed an Italian language sticker over the US Mego cards and boxes until they eventually produced their own line of cards. Below is a nice set of those stickers on their own, cards and stickers are courtesy of Dan.