Green Arrow Mego Museum Trading Card Art
1974 Introduction

It is a consensus within Mego collecting circles that Green Arrow is the finest WGSH figure ever produced. The attention to detail really highlights a company on top of their game production wise.

Arrow was introduced in the 1975 wave of characters, all of which were superior design wise, he is the only DC character to surface that year and was the last 8" DC hero produced (The Teen Titans were 6" folks)

Ollie seems like a somewhat logical choice for Mego, he had recently made a guest shot on the Superfriends and was a regular in the Justice League books at the time. Mego even made his sidekick Speedy in 1976. Mego Green Arrow Box was based on the artwork of Alex Toth

Green Arrow Costume Variations

This chart produced by Tom shows the many variations of Mego Green Arrow, the figure was released on both body styles although GA is more commonly found on a type 2 body.

Green Arrow Window Box

The Green Arrow window box is the most commonly found packaging, it also one of the most pleasing. The artwork on the back is a copy of an Alex Toth character sheet for the Superfriends. (above)

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Green Arrow 1976 Card


This mint example of a very rare 1976 US Card shows a Green Arrow whose dark green suit has, typically,faded to light green. Collection of Scott C. Adams photo by Benjamin Holcomb, World's Greatest Toys.

Green Arrow Yellow Vest MOC

Green Arrow on his US Card is a very difficult item to find, let alone a yellow vested version as on display here (Thanks go to Tom for this great photo).

1977 US Card

Above are 1977 "A" carded versions of the Green Arrow, the most notable feature of these figures is the butterfly punch and the thinner plastic bubble.

While both backers are non glossy on these versions, what's unique about the card on the left is it's purple backer, proving to many that there was an Aquaman in this A card series as well..

Green Arrow Kresge Card

The Green Arrow's arrival circa 1975 signifies a change in the Kresge Header for DC Characters, this is one of the toughest Kresge cards to find. It also suggests that Green Arrow was released in late 1974 as none of the other figures from the 1975 wave (such as Falcon) were released on Kresge cards.

Green Arrow Red Card

Red Card Green Arrow shown above. Red cards are believed to be Mego's attempt to close out figures in the late seventies after they were cut from assortments. Other known red carded figures are Riddler, Batgirl and Aquaman.

Green Arrow Lili Ledy

Here is Lili Ledy Green Arrow (AKA Fleche Verde) in all of his glory, a boxed example has not surfaced but Ollie came in Fist Fighting (Yeah that's right, a fist fighting Green Arrow!) and a non fist fighting version. He is one of the top four hardest to get Lili Ledy Megos. Photo courtesy of Foreign Mego Archive.

Green Arrow Car

Mego gave Green Arrow a set of wheels as well, click on the image to check out the Mego Green Arrow Car!

Green Arrow did not appear in any other Mego Super Hero lines but he is featured on the Hall of Justice Playset alongside his longtime friend Green Lantern