12 Inch Hulk

Below is a boxed Canadian (Grand Toys) Example of the 12″ Hulk, Mego went all out with it’s Deluxe Hulk, dig that labcoat! 




12″ Hulk before “Fly Away Action” Mego’s US released boxes tended to be white. (Brain’s collection)

This prototype Mego 12″ Hulk never made it out of the 1978 Catalog, take a look at the package and the Hulk used on the paste up box, it is subtly different to the one that made it to production.

A second printing of the 1978 Mego Catalog shows a 12″ Hulk Prototype that is more familiar, although that wonderful box art remains.

mego hulk figure, mego hulk 1978

Mego 12″ incredible Hulk as featured in the 1978 Catalog




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