Bruce Wayne

Smiling millionaire Bruce Wayne is shown in (what else?) a grey business suit, yet again another character wearing the colours of his super alter-ego.

Mego Museum Accessory CheckMego Museum Accessory Check: Identify original and repro parts.


Loose Bruce Wayne



There are several versions of the Bruce Wayne head out there on different figures, all original Mego. The Batman head has black eyes with white spots and copyright information on the back of the neck. The Bruce Wayne version is the same with no copyright info. The head was also used for Tex Willer. He has black eyes with no white spots and no copyright information. Again, the head was used on the Mystery Man. This time with blue eyes and no copyright info on the neck. Finally the head sculpt was used on Jet Jungle (not pictured here)and had white hair. Both DM and CTVT made reproduction heads. Each factory made repro head is a touch different. The biggest difference is the overall shape of the head. DM’s is a little wider at the top of the head than an original and made of a firmer material and is marked DM on the back of the neck. CTVT’s is a little more squat, not as long as the original, and made of a softer, more squishy material. It is unmarked. It should be noted that there is some indication that the AE/SI heads have a somewhat unique color compared to the standard WGSH. Less red in the mix, making them more “mocha coffee” in color. This can’t be proven 100% due to the rarity of the figures and the way they were packaged and sold, but it seems to be true in most cases. The best indicator for Peter Parker is still the altered paint, but for characters like Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Clark Kent, this color shift is a good indicator.



Doc Mego makes a reproduction of the BW suit. The color is a darker gray than the orginal. The coat on the repro has bigger black buttons and they are positioned higher up on the coat. It is stamped DM on the inside near the collar.



Bruce’s shirt/tie has been reproduced by Doc Mego as part of the suit package. The shirt is very similar in material to the original, although much whiter and the weave of the material goes the vertical instead of horizontal. The tie is a much darker blue on the repro and it’s unmarked.



The pants from the reproduction Doc Mego set are the same darker gray as the coat. Darker than the original pants. Otherwise they are very similar. The pants are unmarked.



Both DM and CTVT have made black shoes. Doc Mego’s are a little bigger in appearance. They are marked DM on the inside. Classic TV Toys version are more narrow and tend to look a little rough with occasional flashing evident. CTVT’s are unmarked.


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