1974 Introduction

1975 Mego Catalog page with Hulk debutThe Mego Hulk stands slightly under eight inches tall due to the short, squat legs on this body type Mego developed for the Hulk and the Thing. This size disappoints some folks who want the big green guy to  over their other heroes. It’s nonetheless a great Mego with a fine head. Hulk was Mego’s “late bloomer” a modest seller at the beginning but when the TV series aired, he became part of Mego’s “Big Four” Superheroes.

What sort of machine must they have used to produce his pants?
The rips on the legs are always exactly the same… Mego Hulk doll

Group Shot

Hulk was a late starter at Mego but he soon became one of the “Big Four” when it came to Superhero merchandising, this picture is just some of the Hulk merchandise Mego created..

Window Boxes

Aurora Model Hulk Art

The Hulk box features a unique die cut window and striking artwork on the back panel.(That’s Brian’s childhood Hulk in the box BTW).  Incredible Hulk (Aurora Comic Scenes Hulk Model 1967) Herb Trimpe drew this awesome comic for the Aurora re release of their popular model kits (now called comic scenes) Mego got the benefit of that artwork…..<p>

1975/78 Card

The lesser seen Scowling Face 1975 Mego Card Hulk..

Mego Museum Helpful Hints: Hulk joints are extremely fragile and tend to lose limbs in transit. Whether selling or buying be sure to take extra care in transporting a Hulk.

Parkdale Novelty (Canada) Card

Two examples of Canadian Mego packaging courtesy BrAin . Above is the Parkdale Novelty Canadian Dual Card usually seen with a black line running through it’s address info, Below is Canadian Grand Toys Card, note the fact that both packages feature French and English, not french exclusively.

1979 Card

Palitoy UK Card

Palitoy UK Mego Hulk card a beautiful piece and the most affordable one available courtesy of Scott Arendsen.

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