1974 Introduction

Bend Flex Foes

Riddler first appeared in the 1974 Superfoes wave of figures which comprised of 3/4 Bat Villains. The character was something of a bit player in the comics until Frank Gorshin’s maniacal performance on the 60’s TV show elevated the Riddler’s profile.

Mego captured the Riddler perfectly, because his gloves didn’t have gauntlets Mego used painted hands instead of oven mitts (all
the Superfoes got colored hands actually) and his belt is a more purple Batman utility belt.

The Riddler head sculpt captures the characters look perfectly, next to the Joker he may be the best of the Superfoes. Riddler remained in the WGSH until 1979 when he was dropped from the assortment, the figure was available on both type 1 and type 2 bodies.

Mego included Riddler in the 1974 Bend N Flex line as well.



Mego Type one and Type 2 Riddler. The type one figure tends to have an issue with the suit bagging up at the bottom.

Some of the variations known for Riddler’s belt (courtesy of Tom). Examples of Riddler with a purple elastic belt (as seen
in the 1974 catalog) are extremely rare.

Window Boxes

Window Boxed Riddler is the easiest form of packaging to find, even then it can go for a good buck. Riddler was a bit of a short
pack in the selection. Both type 1 and type 2 Riddlers come in window boxes. Collection of Scott C Adams.

Kresge Card

Riddler is the most difficult to find villain on a Kresge Card. (Photo
courtesy of Tom)

This a 1st version Kresge cards for the Villains (Note square edge bubbles versus the rounded edge bubbles the later Kresge
versions and regular carded superheroes came on). They also have extra text between their feet which the is not seen with the
2nd version Kresge villains. (lesson and pics courtesy Raj)

1976 Card

1976 Riddler card Mego

Very rare 1976 Riddler card. Like Green Arrow and Catwoman, the Riddler was short packed and underproduced, making carded examples (76 or 77) rare and pricey. Collection of Scott C. Adams, photo by Benjamin Holcomb, World’s Greatest Toys.

Riddler 1976 Mego Card

1977 Card

US carded Riddler is even more difficult to find than his Kresge counterpart. (photo courtesy of Tom)

Red Card

Red Card Mego Riddler shown above, red cards seem to be a way of getting rid of excess inventory of certain characters. It makes sense that the characters found on red cards such as Aquaman and Green Arrow were also removed from the WGSH in 1979.

Fist Fighter

Extremely rare Toltoys (Australia) Fist Fighting Riddler.

For more information on the Fist Fighters see their exhibit page!

This Boxed Fist Fighting Riddler provided by IMP The Fist Fighters was a brief attempt to add a gimmick to the WGSH line, it received more fanfare in foreign markets. This particular Riddler used to belong to Glen Danzig, of DANZIG fame!

It’s been confirmed that Curt Swan drew the Fist Fighter box art. Classic.

Lili Ledy Mexico

In Mexico, the Riddler is called Acerjito and Lili Ledy made this cool looking fist fighting version. Courtesy of Palitoy’s Foreign Mego Archive.


Mego Museum Accessory CheckMego Museum Accessory Check: Identify original and repro parts.


Loose Riddler



Riddler sports a purple version of the Batman belt. Doc Mego produced the only known factory made reproduction and it is very close to the original version, although the tips of the “points” are a little more rounded, and it’s a darker purple. It is stamped DM on the back of the buckle.



Riddler’s suit has been factory reproduced by Doctor Mego, and pretty accurately. The material is a bit slicker and the sleeves have an unhemmed look. It is unmarked.

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