The Joker

1974 Introduction

Super Foes Display box

The Super Villains wave was released in their own store counter display box, very few survived.

The Joker was released in the 1974 wave
of “Super Foes”, with the exception of one character, all of the Foes were Batman Villains.

The Joker shows that Mego had made some advancements in the silk screening process, his outfit consists of a drawn on suit complete with removable jacket and shoes. This colorful character was an “Home run” for Mego as it captured the clown prince of crime perfectly

Despite his being in the offering from 1974 to 1981, the Joker is most commonly found on a type 1 body.

Loose Joker

Window Boxes

Joker’s packaging art much like Riddler and Penguin is taken from some sixties merchandising artwork by Carmine Infantino. For information click on
comic book origins.

 1st Issue “Kresge” Card


1974 Mego 1st Issue Joker MOC

1974 Mego 1st Issue Joker MOC

1974 Mego 1st Issue Joker Backside

1974 Mego 1st Issue Joker Backside

The 1st Issue carded packaging. Commonly referred to as a Kresge card, though only a card with a Kresge logo in the bottom center of the card back qualifies. This example does not have a Kresge logo. 

1976 Card

Joker’s US cards show the characters popularity, from left to right, 1976, 1977 and the 1979 versions of the card.

Fist Fighter

Joker was part of the short lived US Fist Fighters line in 1975Toltoys Autralia Joker Fist Fighter

This Boxed Toltoys (Australia) Fist Fighting Joker provided by Raj. Toltoys often just placed a sticker over US packaging, this was also commonly done in Italy.

For more information on the Fist Fighters see their exhibit page!

Palitoy UK

Palitoy UK released the Joker on their standard Green card, a carded Fist Fighting Joker is rumored but has never surfaced. Penguin is the only other DC villain to be released on a Palitoy Card. (Courtesy of Tom)

Grand Toys 1979

Grand Toys took over distributing the WGSH in Canada around 1979, carded examples can be tough to find however the Joker appears once in a while. (Courtesy Scott Arendsen)

Lili Ledy Mexico

To this date, no evidence has been found for a Lily Ledy Joker, it is not mentioned in any of their sales material nor has anything surfaced in the market. This is puzzling considering Joker’s importance and popularity, and the fact that lesser characters received the Ledy treatment. Many still hold out hope that the Joker will be found hiding out South of the US Border.


Joker was the only Mego Villain to get his own wheels.

Mego Museum Accessory CheckMego Museum Accessory Check: Identify original and repro parts.


Loose Joker



Doctor Mego had a Joker Jacket made. Doc’s is a little smaller than an original, lighter purple with lighter green cuffs, much more shiny textured in appearance. It is unmarked.



Both DM and CTVT have made brown shoes. Doc Mego’s are a little bigger in appearance, and lighter in color. They are marked DM on the inside. Classic TV Toys version are closer in color, although a touch more red. They are more narrow and tend to look a little rough with occasional flashing evident. CTVT’s are unmarked.