1976 Introduction

The hero of Robert Howard's pulp adventure books seemed unlikely for the Mego treatment but Marvel editor Roy Thomas translated Conan into a comic superstar in the seventies.

Despite not being a Superhero (actually he was more an anti hero) Conan made his debut in the Mego 1976 WGSH lineup, alongside Thor and the Fantastic Four.

The figure, much like a lot of Mego's mid-seventies output, is a work of art. Conan not only has a great angry head sculpt but he's loaded with accessories. The figure came with golden bracelets, boots, a belt with sheath, sword, battle Axe and a gold belt.


Late issue Conan's tend to have longer hair and the shorts are a yellowish fur. Conan Mego with accessories

Conan Window Box

Conan Mego Box MIB

The standard Conan window box features the artwork of Barry Windsor Smith. The box is the least expensive way to find a packaged Conan.

Conan 1975 Card

1975 Conan MOC

1975 Mego Conan Card is usually a bit more pricey. Conan was never released on a Kresge Card.(pic courtesy of Scott Adams)

Conan 1979 Card

Conan on the 1979 Card is more difficult to find. As can be seen the figure has a variation in hair and the material used to make his shorts. (courtesy of Tom)

Despite his presence in the Mego WGSH line for a few years, Conan never appeared in any other Mego Superhero toy lines.