Mego Catalog Library: 1980 Star Trek: The Motion Picture



Communicators were very similiar to ones released by mego for the Black Hole

The 1980 line of Mego Star Trek the Motion Picture was something Mego had high hopes for. Paramount tried originally to sell the movie license as separate to the TV series license already held by Mego. Mego stood their ground with Paramount and won but it didn't make for a winner with the kids. Neal Kublan (Mego VP of R&D) made a comment upon exiting a screening of the film with Martin Abrams "Well we just lost 40 million dollars" meaning, the predicted sales of Star Trek TMP merchandise wouldn't materialize. Much of the items proposed in this 1980 catalog were offered in limited quantities in the US and with foreign distributors like Grand Toys (Canada) and Pedigree.

The 12 inch Star Trek line in their 12The 3 inch line prototypes were sculpted by Bill LemonStyrene Enterprise Playset was very typical of Mego in the 1980Star Trek Model Kits