Black Hole Magnetic Figures

Above is the Magnetic Vincent that only saw release in Europe by
Gig toys, it would have fit in great with the 12″ guys. These figures
utlized technology from the
Mego Micronauts
line of toys.

Magnetic Old B.o.b never saw release, this prototype from the collection of John Banavita

Magnetic Olb B.O.O never saw release as a mass produced toy but
that didn’t stop Mego Super Collector John Bonavita from getting
one and sharing it with the world.


Magnetic Black Hole Figures were based on the micronauts

Do you see how we got robbed as kids? Walking Vincent (companion
to the 12″ers) and his magnetic buddies only saw toy store shelves
in Italy. The Magnetic figures were obviously taken from
Mego Micronauts
Mego also tried to market
Megnetic Superheroes
which like the Black Hole only saw release
in Italy.

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