Monday, January 18, 2010

Gestern Wars Promotional Piece

Fantastic Update courtesy of Jens Knappman today who was kind enough to scan this rare German leaflet for the Lion Rock Gestern Wars series but also translated the whole thing for us as well. It's a really neat look at foreign marketing many of us haven't seen before:

1939 - 1945

When the world was ablaze. The second World- War was at rage. Nearly all countries of the world were involved in this war.

Today no sensible statesman would chose the war as a means of politics. Too large were the suffers and casualties of the recent war, too powerful and deadly are modern destructive weapons. 55 million dead people and immense destruction remind us to not forget the past.

Everyone who wants to know how the world in which we are living now was created, how todays political systems and borders developed, will not get around learning about the most extensive military conflict in the history of the world.

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