Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ReMego of the Day: Zombie Priest

With this being October, it seemed fitting to mentioning this entry in the CastAWay "Creepy Classics" line, which was limited to 25 pieces. If you didn't get yours, it's probably wise to do so soon.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Re-Mego of the Day: Dr Eville

CastAWay toys snagged the license to this baby boomer favourite and melded the 60s with the 70s by shrinking them down to 8" baby.

CastAway Toys Galleries

Mego Museum Forums

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


September 29th, 2009 (Shawnee KS) - Cast-a-Way Toys is bringing the ACTION back again! CAPTAIN ACTION that is... Continuing their line of Retro-style action-figures Cast-a-Way Toys is once again partnering with Captain Action Enterprises to produce new 8-inch scaled action figures based on the iconic Captain Action and Dr. Eville.

This time the good Captain returns as the PHANTOM (TM King Features). These all new figures, featuring 18 points of articulation, are 8 inch versions of the classic characters featuring the same removable masks, authentic costumes. True to Falk's vison Captain Action will sport long slide .45's, as well as the Phantom's signature rings. Not to be outdone Dr. Eville returns as the dreaded pirate Redbeard, a Phantom foe from the swashbuckling early days, and features a removable mask and autthentic pirate gear. These limited edition 1/9th scale versions are available exclusively through, and come
specialy packaged as complete figures.

Pre-orders start now for shipping in November, with two packs shipping with a
special secret bonus! Like the first offering, these fully licensed figures will go
very quickly and this pre-order represents the only sure way to reserve them! For a sneak peak check out our youtube promo!

For all the latest on Captain Action, visit
* * *

Captain Action Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to creating new Captain Action
experiences for both the collectible/nostalgia market and passionate fans of
adventure toys and fiction through licensing, recreations and creative innovations.

Visit Cast-a-Way Toys for exciting new 8 inch Retro-Style action figures and gear!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bif Bang Pow! unveils 8" Flash Gordon Movie figure at SDCC

8 inch mego flash gordon

Premiering at this year’s San Diego Comic Con is Bif Bang Pow!'s 8” Flash Gordon figure. The proposed series will feature a Cast A Way body and will embody the likeness of Flash Gordon (Sam Jones) and Ming the Merciless (Max Von Sydow) on the 1980 cult Classic Dino De Laurentiis film “Flash Gordon”.

8 inch mego flash gordon

proposed card artwork

The prototype Flash figure will be on display at this year’s San Diego Comic Con at the Entertainment Earth booth (Which is booth #2343). Be sure to drop by and let the folks there know how much you want this to happen!

8 inch mego flash gordon

proposed card artwork back

Visit the Bif Bang Pow! Website Here

Discuss this at the Mego Museum Forums.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mego Meet "Kit Bash" Contest

Cast-A-Way toys has come up with a fun promotion at this year's Mego Meet, the "Kit Bash" contest.

The rules are simple: Make it at the show! Whatever you get from the Meet dealer room is fair game. No sandbagging with stuff from home, this is to see what you guys can do on the "fly". So bring your ideas, and any other construction materials and tools you'll need, but that's all! Cast-A-Way will bring some paints, and brushes for those who forget, but if you need specialized stuff bring it with ya.

The prizes: Up for grabs is "Red Italian version Phantom", store credit, "one off" custom parts etc (don't worry we'll have that all ready for the winner)... but best of all the chance to call yourself "CHAMPION"Is it in you?.... will you rise to meet this challenge?... Do you have what it takes? Let's find out...

Read More at the Mego Meet Forum

Mego Meet is this weekend.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

The Megomuseum Holiday Shopping Guide

There has never been a better Christmas to be a Megohead than 2008 (well I guess the 1970s but we don't have a time machine) , seeing as there are more choices than just vintage product for those inclined to all things 8" with clothing. Here are some of the things that can be under a Megohead's tree this year.

Khaaaaaan! EMCE toy's wonderful new version of this classic Star Trek character is available at It's where you can pick up any of the releases by EMCE seeing as Doc is the guy behind it all, so go there and catch up on the latest Star Trek and Planet of the Apes releases.

Put a little Action under the tree: Cast-A-Way toys have these awesome 8" versions of Captain Action and Doctor Evil ready now for $19.99 each or you can preorder the Phantom and Achmed.

McHolidays: Huckleberry Toys has reissued the 8" Remco McDonalds characters from 1976 just in time for the holidays. Megostore has them in stock.

World's Greatest Toys is the Ultimate love letter to the Mego Superheroes, if you don't own a copy, you should.

Damn Dirty Presents: Just in time for the holidays are the reissued EMCE Planet of the Apes figures, they are availabe at Dr. Mego's website as well as Megostore and Megoville.

Display your collection in style: Dida (pronounced Dee-Dah!) Displays are a contemporary version of the Mego vinyl playsets of the 1970's. Cool environments that you can display your collection in. Class up your toy display with a Dida!

X Marks the Spot: From the comic The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli, we get Commander X, mysterious visitor from the future. You can pick him up this season for $20 from the Capt'n Eli webstore. Be sure to check out the comic as well.

In case you missed out: Past waves of the reissued EMCE Star Trek figures are still available at various online retailers, check out Dr. Mego's website as well as Megostore and Megoville to find them all. All of these gents are currently shipping the Uhura/Mugato wave.

And Finally: The Mego Museum itself has a store at Cafe Press showcasing some of the graphics made to create our trading cards that are now available on various mugs, shirts and posters. You can check it out here...

Looking for Vintage? Besides the obvious Ebay answer, you might want to check out our Mego Market Place Forum.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Updates at!

New Gallery! Come see the new Gallery for the Majic Productions Greatest American Hero figure, the latest releases from Castaway Toys and find out who the Mystery Mountie is in Unknown Toys Section..

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Mego Meet Recap Part 2: The Dealers Room

mego meet

Dealer's Room
A close second to being in a room full of people who share your obsession (and speak your Mego language) is the Mego Meet Dealers Room. Whether your poison is MOC, loose, custom, repro, parts, you will never find a better grouping of all things Mego under one roof than here.

mego meet
The room was always tightly cramped, I often had to wait until Seminars were in session to get a good shot of what was available. Here are some but not all of the vendors in attendance:

mego meetArt Balthazar brought his impressive custom collection for all too see, he was also signing copies of my son's favourite comic, Tiny Titans.

mego meetScott Adams brought a breath taking assortment of Dida Displays, these sets truly will make you wish you were six again. I'm really jealous of whoever got the last Monster set.

This Quick Video shows in greater details the offerings from Art, Dr. Mego EMCE Toys (the upcoming Khan and Gorn figures are awesome BTW) and Scott's Dida Displays.

mego meet

Roberto "Blue Meanie" Ligotti brought a stellar assortment of items, which isn't really a surprise, he's done it for the past 4 Meets.

mego meet

This case of Roberto's is where most of my Mego Money went this weekend but I am really happy about that, trust me.

mego meet

John from Type 3 Toys was on hand showcasing his creations, the focus is on bronze age Marvel characters and honestly photos just don't do them justice, they are works of art.

mego meet

More from Type 3 Toys, that Deathlok was truly superb.

mego meet

Austin had a great assortment of customs including a '67 Spider-Man that so calling to me.

mego meet

Brian Leitner had an awesome sampling of his uniforms.

mego meet

New to the show Jim Hampton brought a terrific assortment of items including his Sherrif of Nottingham figure which he sold out of at the Meet.

mego meet

Also new to the show was author Sean Griffen, who offered a bevy of minty figures.

Just a fun walk through video of the dealers room.

This video taken around closing time allowed me to get close to the upcoming Castaway toys Captain Action line including the Phantom, these figures looked amazing in person.

Much more Mego Meet Recollection at the Forum.

Coming Next: Mego Display, Seminars and Wrap Up.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Galaxy of Adventure includes Mego Buck Rogers

mego star trek
weird Buck playset Today's addition to the Mego Museum department store catalog archive is the second part to the two page spread with yesterday's Micronauts page. It's a whole page of Buck Rogers goodness.

According to former Mego VP Bill Baron, Buck Rogers was actually a good seller for the World's Greatest Toy company and that can be evidenced by it's appearance in three Mego catalogs. It's also a crazy fun line to collect now and very affordable.

The playset featured here isn't by Mego, it's another Sears exclusive most likely made by Tara Toys (See Monday's Hulk update) and was also sold with Star Wars figures.

Explore the MegoMuseum Buck Rogers Gallery today and don't forget to check out the Prototype Twiki Page.

This Week's Custom Spotlight

Speaking of television Science Fiction, Museum Member Drwhofan74 has created an 8" custom of Tom Baker era assistant Harry Sullivan (played by the late Ian Martyr) and it's pretty darn terrific!

Mego Meet Quickly Approaches

mego meet convention

The fourth Annual gathering of Mego Collectors is quickly approaching, be sure to come check out the official Mego Meet Website to see what it's all about. Hope to see you there!

mego meet convention

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enter a Galaxy of Adventure with Mego Micronauts

mego star trek
weird star trek playset I'm loving this addition to the department store catalog archive today because it's a nice shot of the Mego Micronauts. It's a wonderfully dynamic shot of the rocket tubes playset.

Also neat is what appears to be an early Hornetroid prototype, which has a missile launcher in the front. For more on the developement of the Hornetroid check out this article by Ray Miller.

Early Birds aren't just for Seniors dept.

Cast Away Toys is offering an Early Bird Special on their upcoming Captaion Action and Doctor Evil figures, you not only get to be the first kid on your block with them but they'll be all variant and stuff. Read more here....

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Mego Star Trek Returns Twice Plus Captain Action News

mego star trek
weird star trek playset A new addition to our growing department store catalog archive is this Sears 1980 Catalog Page featuring the return of the 8" Star Trek line. Even though Mego had stopped producing the figures in 1977, they made a return to Sears by the late seventies on what many call the "Blank Back Cards" (check the Museum Star Trek pages for more info).

You'll also notice a weird playset on this page, it's actually a recording studio playset for 12" Fashion dolls that has been all "spaced up" so to speak and is not a Mego product.

Speaking of Star Trek returning, our own Roberto (Aka Blue Meanie) has shared some terrific photos of the EMCE toys Star Trek display at this past weekend's New Yory City Comic Con, click here to see more.

Roberto also reports on the Cast-A-Way Captain Action display at last weekend's Comic Con and was very impressed, check out his thoughts on Captain Action, Doctor Evil and the Phantom here.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Captain Action Returns!

captain action and dr evil from castaway toys

This great image of the upcoming Cast-A-Away Toys Captain Action and Doctor Evil figures was in my box this morning. This anticipated new 8" series will be on display at this year's New York Comic Con. For more infomation on this and other lines, check our Replica Forum.

Dida Displays
In other news, the first Dida display sets are starting to ship, for more on these cool customizable "displaysets" check out Dida Displays dot com.

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