Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Mego Museum Little John Trading Card

Continuing on our Merry Men theme this week (not in order mind you) is Little John from the World's Greatest Super Merry Men giving Mego Robin Hood a lesson in humility it seems. Our own Scott Adams designed this fun scene and the card was sponsored by Bobby Simpson aka Bobws at the Mego Forum.

As is par for the course, we've also redesigned the Mego Museum Gallery for Page for the good Friar so be sure to check it out.

MegoMuseum Friar Tuck Gallery

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mego of the Day: Jean LaFitte

It was a toss up between Jean and the cookie duster and overall Grandpa Walton for today's "Moustache Week" entry. Jean won out, mostly due to him being a pirate and that fact that he defended America in 1812. Making him an "outlaw hero" in the vein of Han Solo.
Plus I may want to do an "old coots" week somewhere down the road and without Grandpa Walton, I'd have to use Uncle Jessie twice.....

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mego at the 1975 UK Toyfair

At the 1975 US Toy Fair, Mego was making waves with it's new product lines and their fantastic launch party for their Wizard of Oz line. In the UK however, Mego had no toyfair presence other than the few companies that had picked up their lines for distribution, which resulted in a quieter presence. A

In 1975, the number one toyline in the UK (As voted by retailers) is Palitoy's Action Man with Pedigree's Sindy following a close second.

This article about Louis Marx mentions their new line of King Arthur and his Knights, what we all know to be the "World's Greatest Super Knights". Marx didn't create their own packaging, just merely put a sticker on the front window of the box, which are occasionally seen on the secondary market. What's curious is the mention that is a line of four figures and doesn't mention Launcelot, a journalistic error or did Louis Marx drop him from the line?

There is no mention of Superheroes, Planet of the Apes or any other Mego Lines in the 1975 Toyfair Highlights page but on the very last page of the magazine, we find a rather quick mention of Bradgates new "Startrek" line of action figures.

Palitoy (owner of Bradgate) would run with Star Trek for another two years, expanding into the Aliens.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Lost Treasures of the 1974 Mego Showroom

superfoes display box

The Mego find of the decade sounds a bit like a dream a lot of collectors have had, a young Mego employee asks to keep the items from the 1974 Toy Fair showroom and then stores them in a climate controlled closet for 34 years. That's exactly what toy collector/dealer Bruce Zalkin encountered recently when he unearthed rare store displays, prototype figures and never before seen items. Read Lost Treasures of the Mego Showroom, it's one you won't want to miss!

If that weren't enough, all of these items will be available for sale through Ebay this month in no reserve auctions! Details are in the article, happy bidding!

Also, be sure to pick up this month's Lee's Toy Review for an article on this find.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mego Museum Legends Trading Card Revealed

mego museum legends trading card

A Thanksgiving treat a day early as Scott has revealed the artwork for the upcoming Mego Museum Legends Trading Card Checklist. These cards should be appearing in the new year but it felt like a good time to give everyone a taste!

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