Customizer Gallery - Alberto Malnati

I've always had a customizer attitude since childhood when I used to try to get some different characters from regular Mego's. I'm still doing it. My techniques are pretty simple. I'm sculpt with white milliput on regular Mego heads or on resin megolike heads. Sometimes I use shrunken (with acetone) heads from other figures or I've fully sculpted the head on a plastic support. I've also used casted materials from other customizers. One of my passion is to "megoize" and assemble from spare parts.

Concerning outfits I've used original Mego, repros, other figures and all kind of plastic junk to make suits. Probably my best quality, if I have one, is imagination. Sometime I can see the final result in the raw material. My bodysuits are hand sewn and mostly in lycra although sometimes I use cotton or nylon and details are drawn freehand. I use acrylic paints for heads, and fabric paints for the bodysuits.


A repro green body re-stringed as a type 1. The head is a skeletor's water shooter dragon, modified with polyetylen inserts and milliput. The wings comes from a simil leater agenda's cover. The sleeves are in lycra and they keep the wings jointed to the figure with velcro's strips that allow the wings to pull out and joint easily. The tail is made of the same material as the wings, tallons are toothpicks assembled to the feets with milliput.


Hobgoblin comes from a spook head (I've used spooks for a lot of my customs). I cut off hair, shaped and sculpted the mask with milliput. The bodysuit, the tricks bag, the cowl and the boots are made of lycra. The cape is made of nylon (sewed by hand) and the glider and bomb comes from a Toy Biz figure. The cowl is removable.


Another spook's head wich I've cut off the ears and shaped with milliput. Horns has a skeleton of iron wire covered with milliput, and the bodysuit is in green cotton with yellow inserts. The boots are lycra, heavily painted with acrylics and with a plasic toe. The sword is a plastic stick shaped with milliput and the scrabbard is done in cotton an made rigid with glue

Dr. Midnite

Doc Midnite is a Batman head wich I've cut off the ears and shaped a little bit. The glasses are milliput, the jacket is from Mego Robin, bodysuit is black lycra (hand sewed as all my jobs), the gloves are in gummy plastic. Hootie was a Pokemon Hawk, wich I've trasformed in a owl with milliput.

Red Skull

Red Skull is a funny skeleton head modified with milliput on a trek body. The pants are Mego Kirk's shaped as a German officer's, with red stripes along the flanks. The jacket is black lycra, the belt is leather, the eagles and the stripes on the shoulders are in plastics. The holster is also lycra and the pistol can be pulled off easy as also the cigarette and the mouth piece.

Baron Blood

The head is a Wicked Witch head, modified with milliput and painted with acrylics. The bodysuit is a purple lycra base painted with acrylics, and the collar and wings are in nylon. The wings are attacched to the bodysuit with velcro's strips (easy to pull out or put in).

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is a regular Superman head, painted with acrylics, Chemise, pants, gloves and belt in lycra. The cape is red nylon finished with yellow stripes and the agamotto eye is a button.


YellowJacket's head is from a baby Mattel doll, reduced in acetone and masked with milliput. Brown doll hair was rooted on the head. The helmet is AJ's, modified with milliput and painted. The bodysuit is lycra, painted with fabrics colours. The wings/shoulder covers and gloves are in plastic.


The head is a plastic glue's plug shaped with milliput. The armor coming from some Space Rats figures. The wrist bands are plastic wire covers and the circular saw are small doll sized lps. The boots are Big Jim's with plastic inserts.


The head is on of Laurie's female bald heads, sculpted on and painted by me. The hair is glued on the head. The bodysuit is lycra, painted with fabric paints (red parts). The yellow emblem and black contours are painted with acrylics, The wings are in nylon fixed with fabric glue. Grey space boots are shaped and painted with acrylics.


Zemo, Helmut Von the second: He is a classic Cap and Avengers villain. The head is a resin Spiderman which I've cut off the eyes, webs and made smooth with sand paper. The ears are in milliput, bodysuit in nylon and lycra, painted parts with acrylics colors. The holster can be easily opened and the character can hold a milliput made ray pistol.

Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw, is the black king of the secret council of the Hellfire Club (Mutants, X enemies). The head is Laurie's pony tail man that I've modified and painted. The tuxsedo and all the clothes are hand sewn and I have to admit that I'm a little bit proud of my job.


Snowbird is a Dinahmite with a bodysuit in licra and cotton (wings). The tiara is in plastic.

Mr. Freeze

I've choosen the version from the cartoon Sub Zero, because many excellent Mr. Freeze figures have been already done from museum's guys ,but not this version. The head is a bald resin head from Laurie, glasses in milliput. The dome is a perfume plug supplied by Thomas. The armor is a lancelot's modified. Shoulders, elbows and gloves joints are plastic tubes used to keep electric cables protected, cilinders are plastic cilinders finished with milliput and fixed to a plastic support that is screwed to the back of the armor. The bodysuit is in lycra, and the pistol is from some Space Rats figure.

Harley Quinn

Here's somebody you know well. The head is a shrunken Barbie, sculpted with milliput. The new costume is in lycra painted with fabric paint. The jester's shoes can be pulled off from the figure.


Here's one of my favorite Frankenstein jobs. Head is Ben Franklin modified with milliput. Torso is a 9' Superman figure, arms are Toy Biz Cyclops, hands are GIJoes modified. The legs are type 1 and the body suit is made of lycra. The hair is glued and sewn on.

Black Canary

I have to include this one, probably one of my earilest customs, but still one of my best. The head is a Wonder Woman, rerooted with blonde hair. Machine sewn cotton bodysuit (by my mom) and finished by me. The gloves are lycra and painted with gummy fabric paint (same I've used for the bodysuit). The wings in leather plastic, and the boots from an 8" doll with plastic inserts.


Another Frankestain job: Big Jims' torso with the neck cut off and the karate's machinery pulled off. A Big Jim arm and a Barbie's I've muscled as the other one with milliput. Legs are Big Jim cut shorter, pelvis is Big Jims also, with the joints for the legs pulled off (I did the same for the sasquatch). Hands from a Monster & Co. figure, which I added a finger with milliput. The head was sculpted by me with milliput on a plastic support and the suit is hand sewn.


Here my favorite of the Inhumans. One of Laurie's bald heads with a plastic insert for the pin and eyebrown. Repro green body , lyra's bodysuit painted with acrylics, Violet lycra for shorts and boots, nylon for wrists bands and stripes.


I think it is one of the coolest I did. It was done five years ago, like black canary, but still one of my favourites. The head came from a talking soldier figure I bought in 1992 near Washington D.C. masked wth milliput. The Computer screen is in plastic as well the hardware in the back. Type one body, AJ boots, black cotton bodysuit with white elastics inserts and plastic for gloves. It still rocks!