Customizer Galleries

Customizer Galleries

James Brady


Sculpting is the realm of a true artist. James is one of the best Mego sculptors around. Specializing in Star Trek customs, James brings to the toy room all those Star Trek figures Mego never got around to.

Derek Combs


Derek Combs refers to himself as a newcomer, but his eye for custom Mego is that of a seasoned vet. Stop in and see Derek's stuff, including his incredible and unique Scooby Doo line.

Anthony Durso


Packaging custom Mego's is an art unto itself, and Anthony creates some packaging magic. Custom boxes and cards are his specialty, but he builds some nice custom figures as well. Take a peak inside.

Mike Farence


Mike has truly gone were no customizer has gone before. Custom Star Trek bridge pieces are his specialty. Mike has managed to make sets out of cardboard, packing tape and paint. Sounds unimpressive, but once you visit Mike's gallery, you'll be stunned at the quality of the work.

Fred Goodspeed


A new comer to the custom mego community, Fred has made quite a splash with original sculpts, paints and suits. Check out his growing body of work.

Alberto Malnati

Alberto Malnati

Mego customs from Italy! Alberto has a unique style and an inventory of unique characters. Click and take in some of Alberto's work.

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Robert's an old-timer who's been doing customs for years. Click the thumbnail and take a look at some of his stuff!

Dave McCormick


Star Wars, Star Trek, Hero's and movie characters, there is a bit of everything in Dave's gallery.

Thomas Meuleman


Thomas has quite a few excellent series of characters going. From Batman to Monsters, Real life authors to Star Trek, Thomas does a little bit of everything. Click the link and ride the Meuletrain on a custom tour.

Steve Moore


Steve Moore has been around the Mego community and the custom community for years and years. While Steve has worked in other action figure formats, he's settled nicely into the 8" Mego format. From Heroes to Monsters and everything in between Steve's done a bit of everything.

George S. Patton


George has been altering original Megos, making reproductions for a little white now. His extention of the Dukes of Hazard line is especially a must seen.

Albert Penello


While Albert is well known for his work with custom cards, he's also great at putting the customs on those cards. He's done some great work with superhero's, television and movie characters, but his work with the Lone Ranger line is particularly outstanding.

Mike Rogers


Mike has done some custom figures, but his real custom art lies with graphic work. Mike creates some amazing custom boxes and cards. Take a look at how some figures that never were, would have looked on the store shelf.

Jessica Rotich


Jessica has made an art of correcting the suits of original Mego Planet of the Apes figures. Check out her gallery to see these Megos in more film accurate detail!

Lennie Starr


A history buff, as well as a comic hero fan, Lennie Starr produces some unique and interesting customs. For mainstream popculture, to real life characters from the past, stop in and look at Lennie's impressive display of custom figures.