Customizer of the Month- April 2008- Scott Greer
Name: Scott Greer (Gman)

CM: Any Personal Info you are willing to share: (married? Kids? Pets? Occupation? Where from? Other hobbies,/Interests?).

SG: 42 years old, Married almost 19 years, I have 3 daughters 15/11/4- oldest will start driving in May. I have a dog - Doodles and a cat - Patches both also female. I am an Associate with a Civil Engineering company and I specialize in Multi-Family and High-rise developments. Born and raised here in Houston. Other interests? Comics, Movies, and, when my daughter starts drving, Survielence.

CM: How did you get started collecting mego?

SG: Action Jackson -- Say no more!!! I had AJ as a kid and I loved him. I had a few apes and WGSH ( Cap, Falcon, and Batman ) but AJ was it. I saw him on ebay and bought a few. BUT I am cheap so I bought part lots and repaired them.

CM: What is your favorite original mego figure and line?

SG: My favorite was my first Mego Blonde AJ with a beard. He was typically dressed in the Aussie Marine set and he was great. I mean C'mon the guy had an M-16. (not even G I Joe had that). It's sad with all the superheroes that were out there AJ did it for me. I liked the adventure sets -- but I never liked/had the sports stuff.

CM: What is, in your opinion, the biggest "hole" in mego's original lines. (what figure or figure line is missing that should have been done).

SG: I really wish there had been a villain to fight against or a generic group of bad guys. Next on my wish list would have been -- Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD. It was my favorite comic and the first series that I collected and I wanted a SHIELD agent

CM: What motivated you to start customizing?

SG: After buying all these AJ parts and such I started looking for info and found the Mego Museum. I saw all these great customs and that got me interested. I saw customs by Troy Younger, Charlee Flatt, and Scott Metzger. I really think it was Metzger's customs that really set me off. He did mego size customs of 3 3/4" GI Joe figures and that reminded me of my fantasy as a 9 year old .. 12" action figures Why couldn't they have all been the same size as AJ -- my GI Joes, Captain Action, Mr. Action, Fighting Yank and the rest of the 12" guys... So that's what started me customizing.

CM: What was your first custom?

SG: Stalker -- 12" shrink by Starbuk -- before hydrospan

CM: How did it come out? (looking back on it now)

SG: There is a lot that I would do different but, I still like him... He's on a Type 1 body so he has that splayed look about him.

CM: What have you done/learned that has improved your customizing skills?

SG: Sew, paint, cast parts, and ask questions.

CM: What areas of customizing is your strongest points, or favorite things to do?

SG: I love research!!! I love finding web pages with information, scans of comics, and character bios. I think half the fun is trying to find something obscure to make a custom of.

CM: What resources make it easier for you as a customizer? (is there a source for parts? Information? Etc. that aids you more than anything else?).

SG: Guys like Blackkryptonite, customslab, megoWGSH, Polyester, Starbuk, Aquatroy and anyone else making and selling parts definately make it easier. MY FRIENDS!!! I love group projects. I like to assemble a team -- best guy at packaging, best guy at casting, best seamstress, and the guy with the most toy parts in the world as a donor and I like to make a unique custom. Everyone contributes something.

CM: What is your favorite custom you've done and do you think it's your best work? If not, what do you think is your best work?

SG: By Far my favorite is Captain Action. It was a group project that we did that started about 2 years ago ... Berto donated all the parts, I cast and shrunk the head and cast the cap. Starbuk did the belt, Fred (Blackkryptonite) shrunk and cast the weapons, Theresa made the suit, and Anthony (Toyroom) made the emblem and the spot-on box. It was the coolest thing and it was a spotlight figure for the team. My best figure though would be my Flint - Action Force custom.

CM: Why do you choose the projects you choose?

SG: I see a toy and I remember it and I want it in 8" mego scale.

CM: What are your favorite customs others have done and why?

SG: In no particular order... Troy Younger/Fighting American/3D man -- They are just works of art. Starbuk/ Warlord -- the helmet alone is worth mentioning, but there was armor, fur, guns, and swords.. One of his best!!! Blackknight -- Wonderman -- my favorite Avenger and Bobbait -- his Spirit of '76 was the greatest!!! And he was my favorite guest hero in the Invaders series.

CM: What is on your "to do" list in the near future?

SG: 12" to 8" series --- G I Joe (Foreign head and regular painted head), Mr. Action, Fighting Yank (60's princess grace and 70's head) and Action Buddy. Also a project that Fred Blackkryptonite and I are waiting on parts from Berto -- I can't wait - you guys are going to be blown away by it if/when we pull it off. G I Joe series -- Spirit, Gung Ho, and Wild Bill Golden Age -- The Shield, The Comet, Strongman, and Captain Universe (UK Hero)

CM: How do you think customizing affects the mego collecting hobby?

SG: I think customizing brings attention to the hobby. It reminds people about megos when they see our members customs in Toyfare magazine and such. It gives collectors something else to collect.

CM: Any tips or words of customizing advise to new customizers?

SG: Make friends, talk to people, ask questions, listen, do you homework, get the materials you need and get going. Do not get discouraged and when you ask for someone's opinion of your work -- do not be disappointed when they tell you their opinion, learn from it and get better. Remember "You asked for it!!"

CM: Do you sell custom figures or parts? If so, why?

SG: I'll sell parts but reluctantly... I am always worried that the buyer will be disappointed. I sell enough to cover costs and keep it cheap... I usually break even after material costs.

CM: What does your family/friends think of your mego custom work/hobby?

SG: Does the phrase "Daddy makes dolls in the garage.. " tell you anything? The one person who actually likes my customs and has helped me learn to sew, believe it or not is ....My mother-in-law. My wife just shakes her head.

CM: Thanks for taking the time to participate Scott.

SG: Thanks for the oportunity to do this!!! I want to thank everyone who has helped me over the years whether it was making parts, sewing, or just chatting with me and listening to my ideas or sharing their techniques. Again new guys don't be afraid to ask questions of the regulars... we were new guys once also.