Welcome to CustoMego

Some started as a child, rearanging outfits and accessories on Mego figures to create characters that were unavailable. Others got the bug as a collector, when they found characters they had always wanted were missing from their collections and had never been made.

Customizing action figures to create previously unmade characaters, or improving characters that were made, has become a large part of the Mego collecting hobby. From the most obvious omissions in the original Mego line, to the most obscure characters, custom Mego figures have been made by collectors of just about anyone you can think of.

How is this done? What has been done? How do I get started? How do I improve my current skills? Where do I find tips, suggestions, tutorials, resources and supplies? What if I just enjoy looking at and not making customs?

Well, take a look around CustoMego. There are answers to all these questions and many more. Cruise the Customizer Gallery to view what others have made. Check out the current and past featured Customizer of the Month interviews to get to know and see what motivates other customizers. Check out the tutorials and resources for how-to's, patterns, emblems, card art and more. Navigate through the Tips N Tricks for information on body repairs and restoration. Look through the Shops to find parts and accessories. Visit the CustoMego Blog for features and news. There is a wealth of information provided by several talented customizers and Mego collectors, and to those folks who have given their knowledge and time we say thanks!

As we grow, we'll add more articles by various customizers, how-to's, features, etc... We will also highlight some of the outstanding work floating around the mego community.

Suggestions, ideas, tutorials, resources and articles are welcome. Email [email protected] if you have anything you would like to submit that might help out your fellow customizers.