Making Repro Trek Foil Emblems

Thanks to our own Type1Kirk for the following tutorial.

Instructions For Making A Replacement Mego Star Trek Chest Insignia. ---------------------------------------------

Tools needed........

Pair of scissors or exacto

Foil--Best foil to use is coffee can sealer foil. Also, potato chip bag foil works well. Worst foil to use is common aluminum foil. (it is too fragile and tears easily)

Scotch brand double-sided tape (in yellow dispenser)

1 pencil -------------

Directions......... Copy and print scan provided and make sure it's copied at proper REAL size. (use the ruler on the scan to help make size as true as possible)

After size is near perfect, CAREFULLY cut out insignia with scissors. (note, insignia has slightly rounded swooping edges and sides) Do not cut with square edges. Lay cut out pattern on foil FACE UP. Trace pattern on foil using pencil. Put double-sided tape on opposite (back-side) of foil where insignia is. Cut out foil on the trace line CAREFULLY.

Done and apply.