Custom Card Backers Provided by Castaway Toys

The good people at CastAway Toys have quite generously offered to let Customizers here at the Mego Musuem use their Mego Custom Card Backers on an open source basis. Their entire catalog of past creations is now available for use here in CustoMego Resource section for use by our Customizers. There are several different card styles available, dozens of different characters to choose from, and all created in Standard Mego or Mego inspired format with all appropriate graphics. All in all, a bevy of fantasic images for your use, all thanks to CastAway Toys!

A new Mego Musuem Gallery has been created to house these images. By browsing the new image Gallery, you can see the wealth of goodies that are now available for your personal customizing needs. As with all Gallery images there are three levels of image - the thumbnail, the sized image, and the hi-res image. The hi-res images of these cards are a 1:1 scale for Mego Card Backs, so to view these images simply place the cursor over the sized image and left click.



Red X (116662 bytes)

Antman (87693 bytes)

Antman 2 (90122 bytes)
Red X Antman Antman 2

Aquaman (116662 bytes)

Aquaman Back (87693 bytes)

Aquaman Classic (90122 bytes)
Aquaman Aquaman Back Aquaman Classic

Batman (116662 bytes)

Batman 2 (87693 bytes)

Batman Classic (90122 bytes)
Batman Batman 2 Batman Classic

Batman Back (116662 bytes)

Black Panther (87693 bytes)

Captain America (90122 bytes)
Batman Back Black Panther Captain America

Captain America Classic (116662 bytes)

Captian America Bacl (87693 bytes)

Captain America 2 (90122 bytes)
Captian America Classic Captain America Back Captain America 2

Catwoman (116662 bytes)

Catwoman Back (87693 bytes)

Conan (90122 bytes)
Catwoman Catwoman Back Conan

Conan Back (116662 bytes)

Daredevil (87693 bytes)

Daredevil 2 (90122 bytes)
Conan Back Daredevil Daredevil 2

Dr. Strange (116662 bytes)

Falcon (87693 bytes)

Falcon 2 (90122 bytes)
Dr. Strange Falcon Falcon 2

Falcon Classic (116662 bytes)

Falcon Back (87693 bytes)

Flash 1 (90122 bytes)
Falcon Classic Falcon Back Flash 1

Flash (116662 bytes)

Ghost Rider 70's (87693 bytes)

Ghostrider (90122 bytes)
Flash Ghost Rider 70's Ghost Rider

Green Arrow (116662 bytes)

Green Arrow Back (87693 bytes)

Green Goblin (90122 bytes)
Green Arrow Green Arrow Back Green Goblin

Green Goblin 2 (116662 bytes)

Green Goblin Classic (87693 bytes)

Green Goblin Back (90122 bytes)
Green Goblin 2 Green Goblin Classic Green Goblin Back

Green Lantern (116662 bytes)

Hammer Head (87693 bytes)

Hawkeye (90122 bytes)
Green Lantern Hammer Head Hawkeye

Hulk (116662 bytes)

Hulk 2 (87693 bytes)

Hulk Classic (90122 bytes)
Hulk Hulk 2 Hulk Classic

Hulk Back (116662 bytes)

Human Torch (87693 bytes)

Human Torch 2 (90122 bytes)
Hulk Back Human Torch Human Torch 2

Human Torch 3 (116662 bytes)

Human Torch Back (87693 bytes)

Invisible Girl (90122 bytes)
Human Torch 3 Human Torch Back Invisible Girl

Invivible Girl Classic (116662 bytes)

Invisible Girl Back (87693 bytes)

Ironman Classic (90122 bytes)
Invisible Girl Classic Invisible Girl Back Ironman Classic

Ironman (116662 bytes)

Ironman Back (87693 bytes)

Ironman 2 (90122 bytes)
Ironman Ironman Back Ironman 2

Isis (116662 bytes)

Isis Back (87693 bytes)

Joker (90122 bytes)
Isis Isis Back Joker

Joker Back (116662 bytes)

Lizard (87693 bytes)

Mr. Fantastic (90122 bytes)
Joker Back Lizard Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic 2 (116662 bytes)

Mr. Fantastic Back (87693 bytes)

Mxy (90122 bytes)
Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic Back Mxy

Mxy Red Riddler Back (116662 bytes)

Penguin (87693 bytes)

Penguin Back (90122 bytes)
Mxy Red Riddler Back Penguin Penguin Back

Phantom (116662 bytes)

Phantom 2 (87693 bytes)

Plasticman (90122 bytes)
Phantom Phantom 2 Plasticman

Plasticman 2 (116662 bytes)

Planet of the Apes (87693 bytes)

Punisher (90122 bytes)
Plasticman 2 Planet of the Apes Punisher

Punisher 2 (116662 bytes)

Red Riddler (87693 bytes)

Red Skull (90122 bytes)
Punisher 2 Red Riddler Red Skull

Rhino (116662 bytes)

Riddler (87693 bytes)

Robin (90122 bytes)
Rhino Riddler Robin

Robin Classic (116662 bytes)

Robin Back (87693 bytes)

Scarlet Witch (90122 bytes)
Robin Classic Robin Back Scarlet Witch

Shazam (116662 bytes)

shazam 1 (87693 bytes)

Shazam 2 (90122 bytes)
Shazam Shazam 1 Shazam 2

Shazam Back(116662 bytes)

Silver Surfer (87693 bytes)

Space Ghost (90122 bytes)
Shazam Back Silver Surfer Space Ghost

Spiderman (116662 bytes)

Spiderman Art Card (87693 bytes)

Spiderman Back (90122 bytes)
Spiderman Spiderman Art Card Spiderman Back

Supergirl (116662 bytes)

Superman Classic (87693 bytes)

Superman (90122 bytes)
Supergirl Superman Classic Superman

Superman/Girl Riddler Back (116662 bytes)

Tarzan (87693 bytes)

Tarzan Back (90122 bytes)
Superman/Girl Riddler Back Tarzan Tarzan Back

Thing (116662 bytes)

Thor (87693 bytes)

Thor 2 (90122 bytes)
Thing Thor Thor 2

Thor Classic (116662 bytes)

Thor Back (87693 bytes)

Vision (90122 bytes)
Thor Classic Thor Back Vision

Wonder Woman (116662 bytes)

Wonder Woman Back (87693 bytes)

CustoMego (90122 bytes)
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Back CustoMego